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105 Thoughts Every Introvert Has In An Average Day from Tammy Harris's blog

“I fear that they think I’m lonely when I’m actually just alone right now. By choice.”

1. I probably should put my phone away.

2. I nearly just walked right into that guy.
3. But to be fair, he was texting-while-walking so...

4. I should say sorry though.
5. "Sorry."

6. He didn`t hear me.
7. He`s too far away.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

8. Does anyone see me right now? Like actually see me. Notice me.
9. I see them.

10. I`m noticing them.
11. Like that couple jogging.

12. Or that woman laughing on her phone.
13. It`s nice being a part of the crowd for a little bit. Large crowds. Where no one knows you so you don`t have to know them.

14. You can safely hide, but you can also watch. Observe.
15. And not a lot people are observing.

16. They`re talking.
17. Or listening.

18. But people don`t look at each other in passing anymore, do they?
19. Shit. Someone just looked at me looking at them.

20. Head down.

21. I`m almost at work.

20. I should take these headphones off.
22. Sometimes, they can be such a crutch.

23. Too much of a crutch. Like I`m actively aware of how I`m using them as a barrier.
24. And walking without your headphones on is nice.

25. Noise — actual noise from other humans — can be beautiful.
26. Like the rickety clicking of bikes or the rustling of the tree leaves.

27. Am I missing something? Am I missing out on something?

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