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Hotel sex is always on fire! There’s just something about hotel sex that makes it hotter, naughtier and leaves you gasping for breath – a certain je ne sais quois. If sex with your lover has become boring and unfulfilling (for either of you), head to your nearest lodge to act out these incredibly juicy hotel sex fantasies tonight!

Honeymoon Sex

Imagine how great the sex was on your honeymoon. Wasn’t it fantastic? Re-create that by booking a room (preferably the honeymoon suite or similar) in a nice hotel in your town. Here are some great tips on how to bring the “honeymoon sex” fantasy alive.

  • Make sure the room has a Jacuzzi and have some nice bubble bath or salts on hand.

  • Have champagne and strawberries ready. Chill the champagne in a silver ice bucket. Sure, it seems cheesy and a little cliché, but this will really bring that “honeymoon romance” feeling out in you and your lover.

  • Engage in lots of foreplay. Take it slow and really savor the experience. Pretend you are on your honeymoon and it’s the first time you’ve had sex – enjoy every touch and every sensation.

Dirty, Raunchy Sex

For this hotel sex fantasy, you’re going to want to book a room in a seedier motel-style place. Of course, make sure it’s a fairly clean and safe facility (you don’t have to get that deep into the fantasy).

  • Dress for the occasion. Have your lover dress a little more provocatively than usual.

  • Book the room during the day and arrive separately. Make it feel a little more “naughty” by pretending you’re having an affair or that one partner is an “escort.”

  • You can really bring this fantasy to life by your attitude and with certain sex positions. Feel free to be a little rougher during sex, or to use the doggy style sex position.

Business Meeting Sex

Hotel sex often happens when one partner is away on business – and unfortunately, this often happens as affairs. Still, the sex is almost always incredibly intense! Forget the affair and re-enact this type of hotel sex with your partner. Here’s how:

  • Guys, you’re going to want to head to the hotel first, perhaps after dinner. If you can, try to plan it on a night where you actually have some kind of business engagement, such as a company party or dinner.

  • Ladies, you will arrive later, perhaps after a naughty phone call or a dirty text.

  • Draw the blinds. Make it seem as though you’re not supposed to be seen doing what you’re doing!

  • Ladies, if your men travel a lot for work, think about a way to surprise him at the hotel he’s staying at. It may or may not be possible, but if it is, you could surprise him when he finally heads back to his hotel after his business meetings wearing something super sexy!

Hotel Maid Sex

Another way to have really hot hotel sex is to explore the “maid” sex fantasy. This is easy enough to do, but does require a maid costume of some kind if you really want it to be effective.

  • Call your partner for “maid service” after you’ve checked into the room. They have to be in on it though, or you might end up offending them!

  • Ladies, don the maid costume under a trench coat and head to the hotel room. Knock, knock. “Housekeeping!”

  • Play out your maid fantasies together, getting as involved as you want.

  • If you want to keep the role play going, let her leave before he does. The exhilaration of a naughty maid meet up can be super exciting for a woman, and letting her go home alone will give her time to reflect on how hot what happened was. Later, snuggle up to her in bed and kiss her sweetly, letting her know how great you thought it was and how much you love her (this also works really well with the dirty, raunchy sex fantasy).

Whatever it is that makes hotel sex so much better than regular sex at your house – whether it’s the excitement of doing it somewhere else or living out a business affair, prostitute or maid sex fantasy – try to harness that and use it to make the mood come alive. Let yourself go and really get into it. Don’t worry about what your partner will think – chances are, if you’re really into it and put some good effort in setting the stage and the mood, they’ll be responsive and get into it as much as you do. Relaxing and having fun are keys to making hotel sex fantasies work!

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