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Whether your sex life is a bit duller than it used to be or you want to make a hot sex life even more scorching, adding sex games to your sexual repertoire can really make things sizzle in the bedroom. Whether you’re playing strip poker or a fun, creative game called “Hands Off,” you and you’re definitely going to be taking things to the next level. Here are 4 sex games to try tonight!

Naked Twister

The classic game of Twister has always had hidden sexual connotations that teenage boys and girls have giggled about for years. Many boys have suffered from blue balls as a result of this game! Now it’s time to capitalize on Twister’s body bending fun for some carnal pleasure. Twister is an inexpensive game that can be purchased at just about any superstore or department store and only contains two pieces – a spinner and a mat with different colored dots on it. As you’re probably already aware, the object of the game for each person to spin the spinner and place their hands or feet on the corresponding colored dots. The fun part is getting all tangled up and of course the first one to fall loses! Make this game super sexy by stripping down to your skivvies (or nothing at all) and playing the game totally naked. The object of the game is the same, but you’ll probably end up bumping uglies – or giving him a twisted blowjob – right there on the Twister mat before the game is even over.

Truth Or Dare

You probably played this game when you were a teenager too, but you can add an adult twist to it to make it more suitable for bedroom activites. Take turns asking each other to choose “Truth” or “Dare.” Truth questions should be more like “what-if” scenarios or “how-would-you” type questions that are related to sex. Do not ask questions like, “how many sex partners have you had” or “what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done” because you may not want to hear the answer to the former and if the latter wasn’t with you, it can definitely create an awkward situation. Dares, of course, can be a lot more fun. You can dare your partner to do something they’ve never tried before but you’ve really been wanting to try with them. Dare them to try using an anal sex toy, or challenge them to give you a blended orgasm.

“Hands Off”

This creative sex game doesn’t involve purchasing anything at all and you can try it tonight – or right now if you like! This game is super fun because both partners are going to get something out of it – most likely a body rocking orgasm! Start with some foreplay, like giving each other oral sex, and move on to the real deal when you’re hot, wet and ready. The trick to this sex game is that you can never use your hands. Neither you nor your partner can use your hands during foreplay or sex, meaning you can’t finger her while going down on her nor can she grasp your hips while you’re penetrating her. The first person to accidentally use their hands loses – and the winner gets a sexual favor of their choice. This is a game that could go on all night!

Strip Poker

Strip poker has been a classic party game for years, but you can turn it into an intimate affair by playing strip poker with your partner. This game is especially effective if you’re trying to teach your partner how to play poker, because the incentive to win is definitely there. You can play different varieties of poker also, for example, if you prefer to play Texas Hold ‘Em, you can play that instead of the regular Five Card Draw. The object of this sex game is easy – for each hand that is lost, the loser removes one article of clothing. This can be your shirt, your bra or even a hairtie or a sock. The more items you have to remove, the longer the game will last. After stripping and getting totally naked, you can turn the heat up a notch by playing for sexual favors instead of clothes. Bet a handjob or see her handjob and raise her a make out session. The ideas here are limitless, as long as you know how to use your sexual creativity! The idea behind sex games is to let yourself go and try new things!

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