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Foreplay doesn’t just start in the bedroom. You can use foreplay anytime, whether it’s in the morning before he leaves for work (so he’s thinking about you all day) or just here and there to entice him out of the blue. Here are nine tips you can use anytime that you probably haven’t tried – and they’ll have your man begging for sex!

Follow Him Into The Shower – With A White T-Shirt On

The wet t-shirt is almost every man’s sex fantasy, but surprisingly enough, many women have never thought about throwing on a white t-shirt and stepping into the shower. However, this simple move will have your man hard in seconds and he probably won’t be able to keep his hands off you. Next time your man heads for the shower, give him a few minutes to get started and then surprise him by stepping in the shower with him, while wearing a white t-shirt. Thumbs up for shower sex!

Flash Him Out Of The Blue

Guys like to see nudity anytime and anywhere. Surprise him before he goes to work (or when he comes home, or in the car, or at dinner…you get the picture) by flashing him your breasts or even your butt. Do it quickly when he’s least expecting it, then go on about your business as though nothing happened. He’ll be thinking about it all day, or at least until he can’t stand it anymore and rips your clothes off!

Drink A Beer Before Making Out

Most girls pick something light or fruity when drinking, like a margarita or a cosmopolitan. He probably doesn’t mind, because he’s just looking forward to some hot sex once your inhibitions are down a little after a drink or two. But next time, surprise him and get a beer. Almost every guy appreciates a girl that can enjoy a good beer, especially if she has good taste in beer. Plan on a super hot make out session after you down your beer. The taste and smell it on your breath will be especially naughty.

Get A Pedicure

You probably never thought that indulging yourself in a pedicure could be a turn on for a guy, but it can – especially if your guy has a foot fetish. Even if he doesn’t have a fetish for feet persay, lots of guys still find well manicured feet and sexy shoes attractive. Get your toes done, then splurge on a cute ankle bracelet or toe ring. Walk around the house barefoot, or watch a movie with your guy and prop your feet up on the table or his lap. You might just get another foot rub out of the deal because he won’t be able to keep his hands off them!

Order A Steak At Dinner

Just like a guy appreciates a girl who can chug a beer, he also appreciates a girl who can actually eat. Sure, you’re probably ordering salads at dinner, but next time, order a steak – and don’t order it well done because you’re afraid of bacteria. Sit down in front of your man and cut into a thick, juicy, medium rare steak. Eat it slowly and enjoy it. Let him watch you eat it and offer him a bite. You may have to ask for a to-go box so you can get it on in the car.

Give Him An Impromptu Handjob – While Standing Behind Him

Impromptu foreplay is a huge turn on for a guy, but give him a different view by slipping your hands down his pants while standing behind him to give him a handjob. He won’t be able to see you, but he’ll be able to feel and see your hands when he looks down at his member. Stroke him lightly, teasing him until he can’t take it anymore. Bonus points if you’re both shirtless so he can feel your breasts on his back.

Buy A Bag Of Lollipops

Lollipops aren’t just for kids. Next time you’re at the store, pick up a bag of your favorite suckers and stash them somewhere in the house where your man won’t immediately find them. When you’re hankering for something sweet, break out a lollipop and enjoy it in front of your guy. The trick here is to enjoy it slowly, licking and sucking provocatively while he watches – it will instantly make him think of oral sex. If you can avoid being blatant about it while you’re doing it and convince him that you’re just really enjoying your lollipop, even better.

Rock Fire Engine Red Lipstick

This can work both if you’re donning your dressy work clothes, or if you’re dressing up to go out for dinner – especially if you’re wearing red or black. Next time you’re ready to go, don’t smooth on your traditional nude lipstick. Grab a stick of hot, fire engine red lipstick instead. Play down your eye makeup so you don’t look overdone and so your man will focus on your mouth. Of course, confidence is everything here. Smile big and watch as your man’s eyes never looks away from your mouth.


Sexting is an excellent tool to for foreplay, but a lot of women think that guys won’t really get off on it. However, men like dirty talk and sexts just as much as women do – but you might want to be a little more explicit when it’s for a guy. Men aren’t going to enjoy a text that describes “smoldering desire” or “burning lust.” He’ll want to hear about the specifics. Send him a racy text while you’re both at work, telling him that you can’t wait to get home. Don’t be shy – describe what you plan on doing to him and how much you want it. You’ll be all he thinks about until he gets home!

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