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Kissing is as unique as your fingerprint. What do your techniques reveal about YOUR personality?

Kissing is a part of every relationship. But what does your kiss really say about you? You can tell a lot about somebody by the way that they do it. What you do with your hands, if you keep your eyes open and how long you kiss your partner are all tells of your personality. When you are kissing your partner, you should be aware of how you come across. If you have no idea what it says about you, read on. Here is a guide on how kissing can reflect your personality.


Do you kiss with your eyes open? Most people like to close their eyes when they are kissing. A simple peck on the lips with your boyfriend could be the exception. Pecks are often obligatory when leaving a situation or entering the home after a day of hard work. However, if you’re leaving your eyes open during sex or while you’re kissing for more than 5 seconds you could have trust issues. Kissing puts you into a vulnerable position. When you are kissing and you close your eyes, you are putting trust into your partner and the motions you are both making. If your boyfriend sees that your eyes are open during your kissing, they could think that you’re uncomfortable.


Your hands are an essential part of kissing. Although your lips do most of the work, your hands are a detail that cannot be ignored. If you keep your hands to yourself, you might come off as distant. If you put your hands on your boyfriend or husband’s waist, you probably come off as happy with the relationship. If you put your hands on his face, you display passion. Every guy wants their girlfriend or wife to be passionate about their relationship. When you don’t use your hands during kissing, you could come off as stale and uninterested. Use your hands the next time you are kissing your partner and you might find them to be more receptive.

Kissing Length

The length of your kiss is another aspect that can tell a lot about you. If you are just getting home or heading out for the day, a peck can be appropriate. If you’re lying in bed trying to get something going, a couple of seconds can show distance. When you are kissing your partner before intercourse, it should be longer than 10 seconds. Your boyfriend isn’t only interested in your lips, but kissing shows that you are passionate about a physical relationship with him. When you only do it for a couple of seconds before pulling away, he might think that he’s a bad kisser or that he has a rank mouth.


When you are kissing your boyfriend or husband, the distance between your two bodies can say a lot about you. This distance can actually show distance in the relationship. If you hug each other while you kiss, then you probably have great physical compatibility. You should be touching each others bodies when you do to show compliance. This means that you feel comfortable being close. If there is distance in the kiss, you might not be comfortable in the relationship. Your part will pick up on this wonder why your kissing feels like you’re just going through the motions.


The moments after a kiss can also say a lot about you. When you are done kissing, do you immediately turn away? Do you give him one more peck on the lips before you go about your business? Or do you look into his eyes as you pull away slowly? All of these are typical of kissing, but only one of them can show that you’re not comfortable with intimacy. Pulling away immediately after the kiss is a sign that you don’t feel comfortable enough with your partner to continue engaging in the act. He will definitely pick up on this wonder what the problem is. Be aware of this while you’re kissing and think about it after you have finished.

Kissing is a great way to show how much you love your guy. But when it shows your vulnerabilities or that you’re not happy with the relationship, your boyfriend or husband will start to wonder what needs improvement. If you really are happy with the relationship, be aware of the potential hazards that your kissing can impose. Make a conscious effort to avoid hazardous kissing movements before, during and after the kiss so you aren’t confusing your partner.

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